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Floor Cleaning Service in Melbourne

SM&MN offers various professional floor cleaners to meet the needs of any client’s household, including carpets that need stain removal after a spillage accident with pets in the home who may leave an unpleasant odour on them; tiles which hard water deposits could discolour; concrete surfaces around pools or walkways where algae growth can occur due to standing water being left for too long.

If you’re looking for professional floor cleaners who provide top quality service at affordable rates, then we are the company that can meet your needs!

From the moment you call SM&MN Cleaning, we will have your floors looking clean and fresh!

SM&MN Cleaning offers a complete floor cleaning solution. We clean:

Why SM&MN Cleaning

We know how difficult it can be to clean those stubborn stains and spots. We want to make your life easier by providing you with the best tools for getting anything cleaned up in no time at all! The combination of various machines that we offer lets us clean even the toughest and most hard to reach spots. SM&MN have cleaned all types of surfaces and stains to a high standard.

SM&MN has been doing business for over 11 years and has access to the most powerful, effective machines that allow them to clean anything. Plus, our company has dealt with every type of stain imaginable, so don’t hesitate to ask us about something specific if you’re not sure what will work best on it.

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