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Carpet Steam Cleaning Remove Bad Smells

All of us know that carpets have the power to enhance a home, but a dirty and smelly carpet can ruin its appearance. It even can be more frustrating when, after cleaning a carpet for just a few days, you see that it is already dirty and stinky again. Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming and difficult task. You might have tried doing it on your own or wasted money with professional services, but in the end, you still see stains and smell stinky odours! How would you feel if this happened? You will be frustrated, don’t you think.

Now the question that arises here is, what is the reason for these stains and odours? so let’s get to know them! In this article, I will explain carpet stains and odours, and share view tips on how to remove them.

Why do Carpet Stains Reappear after cleaning? 

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There are two reasons why do stains come back even after Carpet cleaning, and it is as follows: 

If you notice that carpet stains are recurring a few days after cleaning, it can be because the soap residue is still on the Carpets. To avoid leaving sticky and dirty residues on the Carpets, it is important to use cleaning products that contain high-quality soap. 

Thanks to technological advances, there are optimal ways that effectively clean your carpets. Our hot carbonating extraction method involves using less water and natural carpet cleaning solutions. 

You might be wondering why does not much water have to be used in this method? The reason for this is that many carbonating bubbles can effectively remove the stain from the carpet without any soap residue. While steam cleaning uses more water (about 80% or so), this process only needs a small amount of water. It is even important to use if you have pets, children, or are looking for a completely chemical-free cleaner.

Chemical dry cleaning is a popular technique used by many companies to clean carpets and we are happy to use this method for your carpet cleaning.

Stains can penetrate the surface of carpets and get trapped beneath the fibres. When it comes to steam cleaners, the fact is that they are not great at removing all of the water after cleaning. The way a carpet is cleaned may have an effect on how the stains reaper after the cleaning service. If extreme moisture is used, or if the carpet remains wet for a very long time after it’s been cleaned. Alternatively, poor water extraction equipment might also be to blame for this problem.

To prevent carpet wicking, it is best to choose a good method of carpet cleaning. One that won’t require too much moisture and can remove stains easily and completely. Chemical dry would be the best solution for this problem.

Do Carpet Stains get worse over time?

If a stain is left untreated for too long, it becomes much harder to remove than if treated quickly. When a spill occurs at first, it stays on the surface of the fabric but over time that spill can start reacting with the fabric and cause discolouration. If a stain is not addressed and removed in time, the fabric where it once stained sat will turn into a different colour. That’s why we always tell our customers to bring in any garments they accidentally spill on as soon as possible. 

Carpet Cleaning Expert Dandenong - SM&MN Cleaning

It can be hard to get out stains on delicate fabrics because they are so delicate.

Why does my carpet’s bad smell reappear after cleaning?

One of the most recognizable odours is that of a toilet. And so, when unpleasant smells are detected on entering a facility, the cause can be difficult to discern.

Odours emanating from carpets tend to be the result of neglecting regular maintenance or using a cleaning process that’s not appropriate for carpets.

When carpets begin to smell, it usually spells disaster for the homeowner. Either they have to shell out a lot of money for replacement or become subjected to more serious indoor air quality problems that lead their way.

You don’t need to worry about bad carpet smells. The truth is, foul odours are caused by what’s inside carpets- food or human waste for example. Cleaning your carpets now and then will solve the problem of any potential smells coming back as well!

Carpet Cleaning Expert Dandenong - SM&MN Cleaning

Furthermore, moisture-related problems can be the reason for the carpet’s bad smell. There are many ways that excess moisture could get into your carpets, such as spills or floods, high humidity or faulty HVAC systems. Wet carpets can then produce mould which will lead to a smell.

The last culprit of odours can be from either the technician’s equipment or the cleaning process. Vacuums or extractors that are not regularly maintained can leave dirt behind on the carpet. The same is true for insufficient or incorrect vacuuming, improper extraction, and the use of chemicals that are not suitable. Inadequate ventilation and incomplete rinsing can also lead to odours in carpets.

How do I remove bad smells from my carpet?

With Chemical Dry, there is no need to worry about removing the smell and germs from your carpet. It’s a perfect solution for those who are looking for an odourless and germ-free clean.

To have a clean and healthy home, it’s important to make use of the correct methods for cleaning carpets or you can hire SM&MN Cleaning for an efficient solution. Clean and fresh-smelling carpets are only possible when you use the proper cleaning methods.

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